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Building a Toolbox

Question asked by Matthew Phaneuf on Jun 11, 2013
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Hello Forum;


I'd like to ask those that have spent any time configuring a toolbox, either for themselves or their company, a few questions:


1. When building a toolbox, did you use the existing SW toolbox, and edit the properties?

2. Did you do this "on the fly" or was it more of an outside project that you imported?

3. How successful is it? Do the other SW users go to the toolbox when they need a fastener?


We here at work are considering implementing SW Toolbox; being a PDMW and former ePDM admin, I can imagine the work involved in getting a Toolbox not only up and running, but having multiple fastener suppliers: (McM, Wurth, MSC, …), along with Engineers simply downloading a fastener “on the fly” and saving it as just any old name, then introducing it into an Assembly.


Before I coordinate the Toolbox with the Vault, I’d like to discuss the finer points of a successful Toolbox build with anyone who’s has (bravely) gone down this path already and would like to pass along their wisdom.