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    Remove student watermark

    Lapo Lapo

      I have a professional license of SolidWorks, but sometimes customers send us student-version parts.

      This also happens with downloaded libraries of screws and this is my case.


      I have removed the screw, but it keeps signaturing my part as student, even if I erase ALL functions and sketches from it.

      It is like a zombie-infection.

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          Alan Sweetenham

          It would be best to contact your VAR. Although it is possible to have the watermark removed i beleive you will need a good explanation as obviously student editions are just that so your customers should not be using it for commericial work.


          One other possiblity is one of your customers  is using a commercial version but perhaps left the templates from a previous student version (this causes it still to leave watermarks from experience)

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            Lenny Bucholz

            once it is saved as a student\educational always a sutdent\educational, thought you can make a new SW drawing using your drawing templates with no watermak.


            you'll have to copy and paste the views form the student to a new pro template, but the part and assembly files still will be student versions.


            you're customer would have to rebuild in a comercial version. now if you are making parts for the school no issue since it is for education, but for profit no.


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