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Copying and assembly and using serial numbers

Question asked by Shawn Casebolt on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2013 by Tim Webb

Quite simply, I have an assembly that contains 5 parts.  Each part has its own drawing, and the assembly has a drawing as well.  I would like to essentially copy / pack and go this assembly, its parts and related drawings and have EPDM pull the next sequential part numbers for these individual parts.  Can this be done?  When I use pack and go it just dumps the parts in the directory with the specified name.  I dont see where I can have it auto pull the numbers.


To further complicate this, I would like the new assembly number to be user specified.  This is because we want to use our legacy number for the assembly.


Lastly, what about saving documents in EPDM that you have downloaded?  Can it pull serial numbers for those?  For example, I download a user manual on a machine, I want to paste it into the vault and get a serial number assigned.  Is this possible?


Thanks to all who read and offer help.  We are all new to EPDM and trying to get up and runnning.