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    Creating one solid part vs using multiple contacts

    Shaun Erasmus

      Hi everyone,


      I would just like to know if I have an assembly, that I am performing a FEA on, and within that assembly, there are one or two sub-assemblies with components that are all bonded. Could I model that sub-assembly as a single part rather than use the sub-assembly and include all the contacts, in an attempt to reduce computing time? If so, how would this affect the results?


      I look forward to your responses!

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          Jared Conway

          if all the parts are the same material. sure.

          you'll have some extra pre-processing time setting up the problem (create the part, merge the bodies, mating it..etc)


          will it reduce computation time? if everything is touching face to face and you're using compatible meshing, probably not a lot. maybe a little bit. you might be able to get away with a larger element size for example. if you're using bonding contact sets, probably get a bit more speed out of it, but again, not a lot.


          the beauty of the automatic bonding is that it handles the case you describe for you. if you had to create contact sets like other software, then i would say go with the method you're suggesting.