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    Full Row Select and Popup Menus

    Faur Arama

      I want to use the new feature in 2013 full row select but in this case I must go on free zone on explorer to lunch the template for a new project. On a long list it is difficult. So I try to move submenu New on a pop menu (Tools). Now when press New->New Project nothing happened.

      There are other methods to get such functionality or the new features of epdm are useless?

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          Arto Kvick

          In a sense, useless. It's allready as a SPR and hope we see the fix someday. For now, there is really narrow margin on bottom of the filelist where you are able to select the "new" menu by right click. We use that as a workaround for now. The plus sides of the full row select are still overriding the minuses.

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            Jason Capriotti

            Bugs like this really hurt.......as in this case.....they finally add the full row select which matches Windows and is welcome, but it doesn't function the same way as Windows regarding right click. You try and workaround the bug by adding the "New" menu option to one of the drop down menus and another bug (spr 627957) bites you with it not working. You can't win. I brought these up during the beta, when you'd think they'd be able to fix it but it was still released this way....discouraging.


            Ok, they did the option to turn it off after it was brought up.......I guess its harder to fix than it looks. The problem with the workarounds of selecting below the files or off to the far right is in folders with lots of files/folders (most of ours) there is only a tiny space at the bottom. And off to the right we have extra columns shown so there isn't much space there unless you really stretch your window over.