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    New workstations

    Casper De Boer

      Dear all,


      I've been asked to make a setup for new workstations.

      So here it is, if someone has any good ideas regarding components, please let me know.

      There is still a question of re-using the old videocards (3 x Quadro FX 1800 and 3 x  Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI ) or buy new ones.

      The new ones will probably be the AMD V5900.

      Another choice we still need to make is the memory, the workstations i already build have 1866MHz but we are thinking to put 2133MHz in the new workstations.


      Original setup:

      RBL workstation.PNG


      The performance of the already build workstation with 1866MHz memory and AMD V5900 card is:

      (system is running Windows 7 64bit with Solidworks 2011, E-PDM, Autocad, and the standards programs people use)

      Run05_Guido Mullaert_Solidworks_V5900.jpg


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          Alan Sweetenham

          As Ram speed generally shows farily marginal gains even in benchmarks i would presume the same is true for SolidWorks although i haven't seen any tests of higher speed ram.


          Generally the money is best invested in CPU the fastest quad core you can afford is generally best for just solidworks, you may consider more cores if using simulation or rendering.


          Graphics card is still important but not if we are talking about rebuild speed. There are some good graphics card comparisions on the forum and media lately. https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/64436  and  http://develop3d.com/hardware/graphics-cards-for-cad-ptc-creo-2.0-solidworks-2013






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              Casper De Boer

              Thank you for your answer Alan.


              I've got a small comparison on the memory speeds:

              Memory score using Solidworks benchmark 1600MHz memory:     70    seconds

              Memory score using Solidworks benchmark 1866MHz memory:     53.8 seconds


              Though this comparison has been made with different processors, videocards and SSD.

              You can see the systems <here> (Workstation Guido, Frank and Arno)

              The fastest system (Guido) runs at 4500MHz.


              Regarding the brand of videocards, i'm pleased with the AMD (not ATI) series.

              Drivers seem very stable, in the beginning they had a glitch about once a month.

              Using the latest drivers now and there are no problems anymore.

              Looking at bang for buck the AMD cards are cheaper for the same performance.