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Swept path for sheet metal part

Question asked by Duncan Gillis on Jun 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by Duncan Gillis

Hi all,


I'm currently designing a staircase for a client, and i need to be able to create the swept path shown below in sheet metal. I have attached my skeleton model that has the basic structure to it.


here's the image of what it will roughly look like:


and below is where I'm currently at with the design.




It must follow the 2 arcs shown below in plan view and be at the heights set by 'Stair Rail Profile Sketch 1' to 'Stair Rail Profile Sketch 4' - this is 100mm off each step leading edge.


The make up will be a top panel, and 2 side panels.


I've tried numerous methods, splines, arcs, projected curves etc but I can't seem to get the profiles to match to create a nice curve.


Appreciate and help or advice to get me out of a bind.