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ePDM task to create DXF

Question asked by Andrew Dvorak on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by Andrew Dvorak

Hello everyone,


When creating a task to convert drawings to DXF I have come across very different results between ePDM, Solidworks "Save As" and the Task Scheduler method.


First, I would prefer to have a multi-sheet drawing converted to DXF with all sheets in one file, and I want to use an ePDM task because I can populate the datacard and vault it at the same time.


The first issue, with the ePDM task I get one file per drawing sheet, and the sheet numbers are off by one; for example sheet 1 is written as 0.


With the Task Scheduler I get one file per drawing sheet and the file names correctly identify the sheet number, 1 is 1. But the file data card is not filled out and the file is not vaulted automatically.


With Solidworks "Save As" I get a single file for all 3 sheets, but like Task Scheduler, no datacard info oe auto-vaulting.


I could live with the ePDM task except the naming convention. I'm no VB expert, so could someone help me with changing the default task script to up the sheet number by 1? It appears to me that it is in te section where it uses swDrawing.GetCurrentSheet.Getname() but I hesitate to modify anything or I'll blow it out of the water.


And, if anyone knows how to convert the script so that it creates only a single file, then I don't even have to worry about sheet numbers anymore.


Thanks much in advance.