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Drawing center marks, center mark customization, center mark elliptical holes

Question asked by Innoviator Flight Science on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

Good Morning,


I have a few questions on a drawing I am trying to create from a model that I have created.  I have several questions and any insight is greatly appreciated.


Scenario: I created a lofted bend surface (in sheet metal).  I flattened the bend out and added a fastener pattern before re-bending.  This creates slightly elliptical holes (they are sweeping bends, so the elliptical shape is not durastic.  I did detailed drawings of the part using the flat pattern, which made the holes circular and allowed them to be dimensioned and add center marks and such.  Now, I am doing the assembly drawing and I need to add center marks to these slightly elliptical holes. . . which I can't do.  The only way I can think to get center marks on the hole is to get a JPEG of a center mark and insert it to the drawing and move it in position.  This is really neanderthal and time consuming


Also, with these center marks, is it possible to customize them so different symbols can be attached to different fastener types? I have seen this thread but I'm not really sure it is applicable to customing center marks:



     1. Is there a way to add center marks to elliptical holes?

     2. Is there a way to customize center marks?


Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.