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Sometimes Configurations can be confusing.

Question asked by rusty drake on Jun 6, 2013

We have several hex head capscrew models with several configurations within representing the various lengths, head styles and grades.


Our assemblies might use several "lengths" or "grades" (grade 5 or 8) of the same capscrew size, so there may be quite a few "configurations" of the 1/4" capscrew model in an assembly.  The same assembly might also use 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" or any of a number of fastener sizes, with varying lengths.


Most of the "configurations" of these capscrews hold their identy when our assemblies are pulled up, but for some reason, the model of the 1/4" size is setting "ALL" the 1/4" capscrews to the "last saved configuration" of the 1/4" modeled part.


The other size fasteners are performing just fine, but we have proven the 1/4" size capscrew is changing all of the occurances of this modeled item to be the same length.  So, where we need a 1.50" long capscrew in the 1/4" size, it becomes 7.50" long if we save the modeled capscrew with the 7.50" config active.


We have been going into the assemblies and correcting all the 1/4" capscrew configs (lengths), to comply with our bill of material, only to find that the next day, we experience the same scenerio when we open the assembly.


Certainly there is a setting associated with the 1/4" capscrew model that is "checked" or triggered to display only the last saved config every time this part is displayed in an assembly.  We cannot find the setting.