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Shell feature seems inconsistent, please help

Question asked by Jeff Stearns on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2013 by Jeff Stearns

Hi All,


I am trying to shell a sheet metal part and am getting what seems like inconsistent results. I have attached 3 files for reference:


1. "exo9 shell" works the best although I had to create 3 shells when it seems like 1 shell operation should have worked. unfortunately, i had to change some minor geometry to create exo10 shell.

2. "exo10 shell" allowed me to shell most of the part but not the nose - but I was able to revolve a cut to make it work. once again, i had to make more minor changes to flat pattern to create exo11 shell.

3. "exo11 shell" has the geometry i want but now, the model only allows a few faces to shell aand not enough to let me apply that revolve cut trick in the nose.


I'm stuck, can anyone enlighten me? I need to make exo11 shell work!


Thanks in advance,