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Surfacing a human head (problems)

Question asked by Sloan Anderson on Jun 6, 2013
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I'm new here to the forum, but having a REALLY hard time with this one.  I need to surface model a human head-- or more specifically, a mannequin-like head shape that's meant to be over-poured with a softer, flesh-like silicone material with the more finite sculpted details of the face, eyes, ears, etc. in the secondary mold.  The head I'm modeling now (problem part) is more for the "feel" of the harder bone structure beneath the skin, and even though it will be covered up, they want it to look nice/interesting for marketing materials as well (to show "what's inside").  I have the entire shape done, and surfaced, but there are several problems (and I've already rebuild the thing 3 times...):


I can't for the life of me shell this model, and I need to desperately! 10-15mm all around.  I've tried everything, but get the usual shell errors about min. radius.  The body still doesn't fully behave as a solid which is concerning, even though it shows up in the Mass Properties dialog fine.


I think the above is caused by a few small issues with the spline cage, but I'm stumped as to how to correct them:


1). The eyes-- they're not tangent surfaces to the rest of the face, and I can't seem to make that work.

2). The chin has a seam on it, and for some reason I can't use the right plane as a normal for blending there, as I have for every other part of the model.

3). There's another seam on the nose I can't seem to get rid of.

4). At the back side of the jawbone, there's an odd spline intersection I couldn't find my way around, and I think it's causing some pretty big problems.


Please note-- I'm actually somewhat new to the software, coming from 3DSMax.  Definitely a whole different beast! And extremely unforgiving... :/  Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially if it's not, "sorry...I think you're going to just have to rebuild this from scratch..." (god I hope not)..