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    Drawing Issue Databse - EPDM?

    David Harris

      Hi, we are all set to have EPDM installed over next month or so, as part of a global stratergy.


      At the UK site I have implemented a drawing issue database (MS Access) so that we can generate issue sheets to accompany all drawings leaving the engineering department.


      Is there any way of producing a similar result with EPDM? If so can anyone give me any tips on setting it up?

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          Jeff Sweeney

          You looking for something electronic? Could you "paste as reference" the electronic form?

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              David Harris

              Sorry Jeff, I didnt quite understand that one - Is this a function of EPDM? if so could you explain. Unfortuently I havent had a chance to play on it yet.

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                  Jim Sculley

                  With EPDM you can arbitrarily attach documents to other documents.  They can travel through the workflow with the parent document and will show up in the contains tab inside EPDM.


                  This eliminates the need for your separate database, since all the issue sheets would be in the vault which is a database itself.  With a well designed data card for your issue sheet, they can be searched, queried or reported on, just like a regular database.


                  You don't even need an actual file to represent the issue sheet, since you can create virtual documents in EPDM.  It all depends on how you use the data on your current issue sheet. 


                  You could also simply include the issue information on the data card for the drawing itself.  This would completely eliminate the issue sheet. 


                  Which way you go depends on just how much information is on your issue sheet and who needs you use/view the information.


                  Jim S.

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                      David Harris

                      Jim - I did wonder exactly the same thing- duplicate databases seems illogical.


                      Regarding the way in which we use it, the issue sheet is used for any drawings which are being sent externally for quoting/manufacture(we don't have facilities here to manufacture)


                      When a set of drawings are being sent out for manufacture etc, the issue sheet contains a list of all the drawing numbers, along with their revision. It also states the purpose of the drawing pack (be it quote/manufacture/reference)


                      Finally it requires a signature by the person receiving the drawings, agreeing that they will manage destroying any old revs they have.


                      Would this be possible through the use of datacards? Or would I need to look for an alternative?



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                          Jim Sculley

                          The short answer is yes, you can do this in EPDM, and you can do it in a variety of different ways.


                          You can create an issue sheet document (either real or virtual).  You can then attach the relevant drawings as references.  When you look at the Contains tab of the issue sheet document in EPDM you will see something like this:



                          If your issue sheet is a Microsoft Office document, you can hook into EPDM via VBA to populate the document from the references.


                          Depending on how you set up your workflows, the drawings can move to different states (e.g. Out For Quote) along with the issue sheet.  However you may not want to do that if you send multiple issue sheets to different vendors for the same parts at the same time.


                          If you want even more automation and your IT policies allow it, you can enable web access to the EPDM system.  With this approach, your vendors could directly access the files and participate in the workflows (e.g. moving an issue sheet from the 'Out for Quote' state to the 'Quoted' state).  They could make changes to data cards, which could act as a form of signature.  You have very fine-grained control over what they can see and actions they can take.


                          When setting up EPDM you want to think in terms of document workflow.  How does a particular document move through the system?  Who needs to access/modify/approve documents at various places in the workflow?


                          If you can, it is always better to do as much as you can inside EPDM and avoid using other external systems.  The whole point of EPDM is after all to get a better handle on your documents and how they move through your organization.


                          It is invaluable to have someone capable of writing add-ins for EPDM.  Tasks that would be tricky or impossible with the default setup can be accomplished more easily with a bit of custom code.


                          The system is very flexible, but also very complex.  It is hard to give you a simple answer without knowing all the details of how you want it to work.


                          Jim S.

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                    Raghavendra Bhagwan

                    Hello David,


                    Some time back we did similar, we called it as Transmittal's. where in we have developed an customisation which captures the files that are being sent out of the EPDM to an outlook client and populate the file details into an HTML file stored in the vault. That HTML was specific to a project in EPDM.


                    Hope this helps !