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Exploded view recommendations

Question asked by Sid Humphreys on Jun 5, 2013
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Morning all,


As I move on through my design phase and have just completed the part drawings I now have come to the exploded view assembly drawings.  I am sorry to lean on you guys again, but I am under the gun as always to get these done and of course with NO SW training.  Doing good so far up to this point will all of your guys' help.


In my past Pro/E life I would explode and arrange my view in the model side and then just call for that view when placing views in the drawing side.  I could explode and unexplode all parts or subs individually in the model side nicely and have it look the way I wanted on the drawing side.  I could also do this in the drawing side as well but found it easier for me on the model side.  My question is, me being new to SW, can someone recommend a particular way to go about mqaking my exploded views in SW?  Model vs drawing side?  I know I can go look up tutorials or this god awful essentials book or some SW for dummies book I have on the shelf.  I am sure I will be offered 20 different ways to do what I want.  I want the quickest, most user friendly, and most easily changed/updatable way to get there please.


Any tips or directions or screen shots or ONE tutorial to follow would be most helpful.


Thank you guys and have a great day.