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Mfg viewing of .slddrw using eDrawings

Question asked by Kerry Lenort on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

We are making the transition from Auto-Cad to Solidworks. In the past our manufacturing personel accessed our AutoCAD drawing from their station terminals for viewing. The old Auto-Cad drawing contained multiple parts detailed on a single file.


Our new format with Solidworks will be multiple files; Solidworks Assembly and multiple part drawings. The shop has edrawings installed so they can directly access and view our Solidworks drawings.


I have tried adding hyperlinks in the assembly, but they don't work when opened in eDrawings. I see there is a number of SPR's related to this issue, but I feel it is not at the top of Solidworks priority list.


I would really prefer to have the floor be able to access just the assembly file and access the part drawings from there. Any ideas?