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Sub Assy loses Configuration

Question asked by James Biggs on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by James Biggs

following the pictures below:


1) a good assembly is built from 2 sub assemblies. This is built using drop down menus from the configuration publisher.   I open a un-configured base assembly, (that contains both sub assys mated correctly) configure each sub assy, then save it as the new name.


2)File is closed and re opened. nothing has been changed in any file.   As you can see. the handles and a the components on the chassis sub assembly are now Not configured.  (note the barrel sub assy did not change at all)


3) open the configuration manager, and each of the correct part numbers is still selected.


4) clicking check box, rebuilds with proper config and file is good again until its closed..




also if you notice, that barrel sub assy does not do this. does anyone have any ideas??????  teh only thing i can see taht really changes is the display state. i have tried link to configs and not.. either way no difference.