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    Drawing sub-assembly parts

    Jordan Klepper

      Hey Everyone,


      We use the same components repeatedly in large assembly. These components change in length from job to job. Because of this we are looking at using a standard part with basic configurations inherent in all parts, i.e. material properties, and making it virtual and them modifying it.


      The issue that arises is how to then draw the virtual component when it comes time to draw up the job.


      Any ideas?




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          Jeremy Feist

          if you need a drawing of the virtual part you have 2 options that I can think of.


          1) convert it back to a "real' part with a new part number and make the drawing (you can re-use the original drawing by replacing the references and saving it as the new part number as well).


          2) make a drawing of the assembly, but only show the desired part.

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            Alan Stoldt

            Is this something you could do witha tabulated drawing?


            Just a quick image grabbed from the web:



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              Chris Cassettari

              Hi Jordan,


              Why not have a look into DriveWorks Xpress. Its free and if you have any version of SolidWorks 2008 onwards it will be under your tools menu.


              With Xpress you could capture this dimension and control it using a forminside the SolidWorks task pane. You can also build a rule for the file name of the assembly and save it into a new location. If you have captured the assembly, this could then be diven and changed all within the assembly.


              If you havent heard of DriveWorks Xpress here is a link to the website to explain some of the benefits in more detail. http://www.driveworksxpress.com/index.php/what-is-xpress/benefits


              DriveWorks is also available in Solo and Pro versions. Solo expands on whats capable in Xpress, and Pro allows you to create an Online 3D Sales Configurator for SolidWorks. Try the links below for more info:






              Let me know if you have any questions.



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                Jordan Klepper

                We have looked into driveworks and are thinking it is the way to go. The only issue with driveworks express is that it creates a file everytime which was something we were trying to cut down on, the number of different files (hence the virtual parts).


                Thanks for all the help.

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                    Chris Cassettari

                    Yeah, by default DriveWorks does create new parts each time. But you have two options using DriveWorks.


                    1.You can set up your rules so that once the part is created it simply uses that rather than recreating it each time and creating suplicates. So for example if you have a rod that changes in length you would ensure that the file name was say Rod1000mm.SLDPRT, and save that in a standards folder. Then when DriveWorks requires that part again, it will use that instead of recreating it. Depending on the number of variations this still may not be ideal, which leads to the next suggestion.


                    2. You can drive configurations using DriveWorks. Each part captured has a configuration property which allows you to switch the configuration of the part. This would mean you could have one part, with multiple lengths set up as configs. Then using DriveWorks you could fill out the form and let DriveWorks switch the configuration. This would mean you would only have one part saved and that would be referenced from the original location.


                    Do either of those sound good?

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                    John Burrill

                    Jordon, if you're talking about simple extruded shapes, why not create them as a weldment.  Alternatively, you can create one part with a stock length and use assembly cuts to size it.

                    Finally, if you want to create a detail drawing of just one component of an assemby, hide the other components and create a new display state.  It sounds time-consuming if you plan to go through the treee picking and hiding each item.  But you don't have to do that.  All you have to do is right-click on the component in the assembly, select 'Isolate' from the context menu and then use the little save button to create a new display state.  YOu might then want to make a new configuration from this display state and have it Automatically hide (not suppress) new components.  This also gives y ou the opportunity to create additional meta-data for the part, like an assembly dash-number.  Then add a sheet to your assembly drawing and detail a view with that display state or configuration active.

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                        Jordan Klepper



                        Not simple shapes, more like drive shaft rear axle and all braking components of a car. The assembly would then be the whole car  and we want to isolate just those components.


                        The drawing is more than a detail drawing, it goes to the fabricators, because of this we need an isometric, top and side view plus then detailed views of these parts.