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    Showing under defined entities

    Unspecified Unspecified

      Hello, I have a sketch with a lot of lines and symbols in it, when I try to fully define the sketch I currently have to pull on lines and points to see if they are under defined as the whole sketch is black.

      Is there any way to see what is still under defined, I know there is a "degrees of freedom" option in Inventor so I was hoping something similar exists in SW, I don't want to use the auto define option because I want to be in control of things.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          The simplest way is to have seperate colors.  The default setting for sketch entity colors is black for fully defined and blue for under-defined.  If that's been changed, you can set it to whatever colors you want at Tools > Options > System Options > Colors > Color scheme settings.

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            John Burrill

            Try toggling 'Color Display Mode' (line format toolbar). By default, SolidWorks should show you if goemetry is fully defined or not using a color coding system that's visible while editing the sketch.  HOwever, if you want to display arbitrary sketch colors, you can toggle this off (which is useful for drawings where you want to display sketch symbology instead of status).  So your may have been turned off at some point.

            Once you've exited the sketch a '-' preceeding the feature name indicates that it's underdefined (a + means it's over defined and no symbol means it's fully defined)

            As K. Hampton said, "under defined", "fully defined" or "Invalid" will appear in the status bar at the bottom right while you're editing a sketch.

            Finally, if you have 'Override dims on drag/move" enabled (Tools>Sketch Settings), then you can drag points constrained by dimensions and the dimensions will change.  So your efforts at testing a sketch may actually be changing it in that case.

            Check those out and let us know.


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                Patrick O'Hern

                Look very closely at the endpoints of all of your lines.  A line can be black, while the endpoint is still blue.  This indicates that the endpoint can only move back and forth along the line.


                Another thing that can cause problems are two lines stacked on top of one another.  The shorter line will not be visible at all.  Also, very short line segments that hide near the endpoints.  (I see these problems often in the introductory class that I teach)


                You want to try and keep each individual sketch as simple as possible.  It makes it much easier to find problems.  Rather that try to create the entire profile of a part in one sketch, start with a simple block/revolve, then add or remove material a little at a time until you get the shape you need.