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My file names are too coplex

Question asked by Chris Green on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by Chris Green

Sorry to bother but I am fairly new to solidworks, and am an intern at my company. They are making the switch to solidworks and you can guess who they put in charge of solving problems with the new system. The main concern right now is when exporting a file from I-deas as an Iges file, I open it in solidworks, and all the part names are very long they include everyparent folder and sub folder thereafter in the part name. All we want is the parts original nae with out the extras. A samall example.

a parts name is RELEASED PARTS.680-699-681xxxDROP_TABLE_1525MM_ARM681706M0820NULL_2 (Default<<Default>_Displau State1>)

This part comes from a folder called released parts with a sub folder of parts from 680-699 then a folder of parts beginning with prefix 681xxx, and in here you find the part by name followed by part number. What the Null and defaults mean I have no clue. I undertand how forums work and I had bad luck searching this issue because Im not sure how to describe it. An answer would be great but a poin in the right direction would help just as well.

Thanks much,

The newb Chris