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    Organic shape with internal wall structure

    Salmon Nortje

      Hey all, dont know whether this belongs in surfacing but i have tried achieving it with solid lofts and i had less that no luck. I have a shape that is pretty curved and i need to create a internal wall structure within this shape. I have attached my model and a image of what i am trying to achieve. I was thinking that i could surface the entire things and then use thicken to create the wall thickness according to where i need it?


      Alternatively if i could somehow find i way to split the object in two alone a certain line and then shell the two bodies, that might work to.


      I have attached a image of what the walls in the inside should look like if the object was to be flattened to better illustrate the internal structure.


      This shape is for a faucet, the left channel i will run a flex shaft through and the right is where the water will run through. Ideally the wall going through the middle needs to be a uniform distance from the walls on the left and right



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          Salmon Nortje

          Alternatively i could always create the shape as a flat body and then use the twist feature but this doesnt really give the same level of controle as lofting the external structure. At a lost with this one =/

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            Jerry Steiger



            I didn't look at your parts (I probably can't, as I still running SW10), but I will make some suggestions based on your sketch. I would generate the outside shape as a solid, ignoring the opening for the water to come out. I would generate a surface that splits the part at the proper distance from the inside and outside walls. Then generate the surface that defines the top of the split and use a Mutual Trim to make your splitting surface. Split the part into the inner and outer bodies. Shell the inner body. Punch out the opening for the water to come out. Combine the two bodies.


            Jerry S.

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                Salmon Nortje

                Thanks a lot for this, il give it a try. I will post some screen shots of my model in solidworks so you can get a better idea of what im going for.


                One of the things i am having major issues with though is the fact that when i do a surface loft that is inside one another, in this case the central wall, i always have pieces of it sticking out the outer loft one even though i used the outer lofts edges as quide curves.