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Beams not showing up in stress analysis

Question asked by Junk Mail on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on May 31, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hi everyone,


I've been having difficulty with a truss simulation and I'm hoping someone here can answer my questions. I'll attach pictures below.


The main issue is the steel tubes that are assumed as "beams" automatically by SolidWorks aren't showing up in the stress analysis after it meshes and runs the simulation. The displacement plot looks great but it's absolutely confounding as to why the beams are completely gone in the stress analysis.


The truss is supported by two solid brackets on either side. I've mounted them to a "virtual wall" and applied fixed hinge restraints to the bottom. SolidWorks assumes the steel tubes as beams automatically and I've applied bonded contact sets between the steel tube faces and any solids they are touching such as the left and right bracket. I have applied a load of 150kg to each of the 4 joints in the middle (seen in the pictures). I've gotten rid of all interferences.


Can anyone explain why this is the case? Should I be converting everything to solids instead? I've tried converting to solids but the simulation goes haywire after that.