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Drawing View Stuck In Draft Quality...

Question asked by Anthony Macke on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Matiss Lacis

ok, so i have my assembly i am trying to create a drawing from. i have one view on one sheet of my drawing. options are set to insert new views as high quality. view comes in as draft quality. when view is clicked to bring up property manager in the tree i can select to change it to high quality, but when i check the box, the boxes disappear and my drawing view remains in draft quality. i have also tried to print with the "convert draft quality to high quality before printing" option selected, which gives me an error box stating that the view was unable to be converted to high quality, then proceeds to print a blank piece of paper.


few notes:

1. the person sitting in the cubicle next to me can open it, change it to high quality, and print it just fine.

2. this is not a large assembly by any means, yet opening and saving takes at least 3-4 minutes. even if i dont change anything and click save it takes this long.



3. same drawing sheet, 2 views added, one switches to high quality, the other stuck in draft quality



4. i have discovered, after trying to do a section view, with the line clearly going all the way through my assembly, that a certain sub assembly was "unable to be sectioned"..going back to my assembly and supressing this sub assembly causes my section view to work perfectly and my drawing views to switch to high quality. if i open the sub assembly there are no errors or anything looking out of the norm. but i cant complete my drawing with this sub assembly supressed. so i may have found the problem, but am still clueless on how to fix it.