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    SolidWorks vs. AVEVA PDMS

    Brianne Chin

      I would like to get some feedback on a comparison of PDMS and SolidWorks 3D design.  Please provide answers to the following to help our company make an educated decision about software selection:

      1.  How is SolidWorks better than AVEVA PDMS?


      2.  How is AVEVA PDMS better than SolidWorks?

      3.  What is(are) the main reason(s) you use SolidWorks over AVEVA PDMS?


      4.  What is(are) the main reason(s) you use AVEVA PDMS over SolidWorks?

      5.  What do you love about SolidWorks?

      6.  What do you love about AVEVA PDMS?

      7.  What do you hate about SolidWorks?

      8.  What do you hate about AVEVA PDMS?

        • Re: SolidWorks vs. AVEVA PDMS
          Nader Moustafa

          Dear Brianne,

          I need to take the opportunity to answer your question because it's important for solidwork improvement:

          1. Solidwork is better than AVEVA when you talk about details drawing or micro levels drawing, also easier in graphics uses.

          2. AVEVA is better than Solidwork when you talk about plant construction overview, graphics is more light.

          3. The main reason to use solidworks is interactive interface and more comfortable in shortcut which speed the drawing steps.

          4. The main reason to use AVEVA is very strong library which cover Piping, Electrical, HVAC, steel, Construction.


          My suggestion for Solidworks to focus more about library which need to cover all industrial process.