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    Rollback multiple files one Version

    Germane Admin

      We recently ran the File Version Upgrade Utility on our EPDM vault.  We are attempting to undo the changes as it broke many of our assembly file references.


      We ran the tool with the create new Version setting, and would like to roll all assemblies back to the previous Version.


      Does any one know of a way to accomplish this?

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          Jeremy Feist

          not out of the box.


          I expect a dispatch or some API work would do the job.

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              Germane Admin

              Thanks Jeremy, based on what I've been reading thats what I expected.


              Dispatch doesn't seem to have the ability to do rollback, but I've been looking at both EPDM tasks and EPDM add-ins.


              I've been searching the internet trying to find some examples of EPDM add-in code that might point me in the right direction but I haven't found what I'm looking for yet.

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                  Bill Stadler

                  I had the same issue going from SW2010 to SW2012.  We had to write our own tool.  All it does is reads the list of files from an excel list, searches for the file, looks at the History comments to be sure the the the last version has the comment "Converted to SW2012", and then rolls it back one version.  If you have anybody that is familiar with coding and using the API it is a fairly easy program to write.  Luckily I have an IT guy that works closely with my engineering support team.


                  Do yo know why it messed up the references? 

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                      Germane Admin

                      We ran the FVU using the Master/Slave workstation option.  I believe that the SolidWorks ToolBox was not updated correctly or was miss-configured on one or more of the Slave workstations.  On digging into the problem it seemed that all of the broken references were ToolBox related.


                      I ended up manually rolling back each assembly and drawing affected this weekend.


                      I'm going to spend some time working with the SolidWorks API so we can automate things like this in the future.