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Shortcuts of file not shown in taskpane Desgin Library

Question asked by Ed Littel on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2013 by Thomas Huggins

So I have a huge database for standard parts like nuts, bolts etc.

When inserting a bolt in a assembly I first have to go to our safe directory, shared on a server, select the right file out of a extensive list and finally select the right configuration.


I can add the safe directory to the design library but because of the many files it's taking a long time to open an specifick file.


So, I created an empty directory and created some shortcuts to some of the files from the safe directory, the ones I used most, for instance Din912.sldprt and then added this directory to the desing library taskpane.


When I then in the taskpane the directory selects, it's empty, so the shortcuts are not visible/selectable.


When I do file->open->shortcut.sldprt it opens normally.


Why can't I see the shortcuts in the design library.??


Is this possible and if not is it possible to link to the right directory on the server to the design library but with a filter of some kind, like din*.sldprt so it shows just a selection instead of the full contents of a directory.


Any help/suggestion is apprecieted.


I'm working with windows 7 64bit and solid works 2012 SP5.0, no PDM !!