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    Question about color detailing in 2D drawings HLR

    Arkmando Arratia

      I have been working on an assembly in which colors are used to identify different components. On picture 1.jpg I set color red for the "PART" then I go to 2D drawing in HLR display and the drawing is indeed colored in red (as seen in 2.jpg). So far so good, my problem comes when I need several colors for a single part as shown on 3.jpg . As you can see instead of coloring the part as a whole I assign colors to features. Next, I go to my 2D drawing and find this (4.jpg) all the colors are grey. (the "use model color for HLR/HLV in drawings" option is checked, but still the colors do not carry from the model to the drawing. What should I do, is there a way around this problem?




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          Peter De Vlieger



          "use model color for HLR/HLV in drawings"

          or in other words you can have any colour you want for the model and have that colour then being used in the 2D drawing but it isn't intended to let one use several colours for different features in 1 model.


          The only way around it that I can think of to try and get what you want is to save the different features as parts and thus re-create your part as an assembly.


          If I'm wrong then I'm looking forward to hear what would be a better solution.


          Have a nice one.