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Parallel Vaults

Question asked by Cherise Fillinger on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on May 31, 2013 by Tim Webb

We have recently started using vault and are happy with the results.  However, my boss does not like that when he searches a part number (ex. 12345 Cover) he can see left over divergent parts from the development folder (ex 12345 Cover2). 


We have created a saved search so he can avoid the development files.  However, in some of our projects we partially release so he wants to search the whole vault.


Our current solution is to create a search that we run occasionally to look for files starting with the same prefix and having the same extension and then renaming the divergent files to have a prefix like DEV or OBS.  He can still see these files but they have a marker in the file name to distinguish them from the released and current development files.


We are considering creating an archive vault to store closed projects.  As we are new to vault I have several questions about this possibility.


1.     Would we lose version history moving files from one vault to another?

2.     Could archived assemblies access library and released part files located in the active vault?


Thanks for your help.