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Inserting assembly into the route or not?

Question asked by Mladen Pavlovic on May 31, 2013

I have a question that is pretty important for what i am doing and i cannot know the answer because of the lack of experience. So i need your help.


I have a unit which is on 3 sides flanged connection. When i'm routing our systems, i usually try to have separate routes every time when i have a break flange. I find it easier for me since we sometimes have way to complicated systems and pies have different specifications.So...

option No. 1 - I have created this unit with ARPs and ACPs and made it posibble to be inserted as a fitting. But by doing that i am creating all 3 sides of my unit in the same route ( and i do not want to do it).

Option No.2 is that unit is not inserted into route, but positioned with mates. As we all know it is a pain if you have to mate to any route part (if possible at all)


I have no more options and that's why i am here..


any help would be appreciated