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    Kill the Comp Domain Nag, Nag, Nag

    Dave Knowles

      Is there a way of getting rid of this ANNOYING warning?


      SWF warning.JPG

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          Rich Bayless



          Strictly speaking, no.


          Practically speaking, just don't load Flow Sim when you start Solidworks.  Untick the box to automatically load Flow Sim on startup.  Open up any solidworks model, make whatever changes you want, then and only then, load Flow Sim.  You'll get the nag once.  If you want to make more model changes, go back and unload Flow Sim.


          Anyone else have another way of preventing the nag?



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              Chris Michalski

              I thought de-selecting the auto-rebuild avoided this?  I always build the entire assembly (or configurations) before adding a Flow project so I'm not 100% sure no this...

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                  Jared Conway

                  both suggestions will work as long as you just want to get rid of it because it is happening when you expect it to happen.


                  if it is happening when you're not expecting it (you didn't change the model such that your comp domain needs to be updated), you have a bigger problem you have to look into. my experience is that happens when you have some dirty modeling going on. I can see that getting annoying. But the suggestions above will solve that problem too. unfortunately it is usually happening when you're trying to use flow so it can be counter to your goal or cause you to end up with bad results.