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    Will This Laptop Work Optimally in Solidworks?

    Derek Thayer

      Hey All,


      I am new to Solidworks, and want to invest in a laptop that will run Solidworks without any serious limitations (I am fine with less-than-optimal-speed or quality, just as long as all features run).  I am considering a refurbished Asus: i7, 8GB RAM, 750GB HDD, Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card.  It run Windows 7 Home Premium, and I have been hearing that only Windows 7 Professional is compatible with Solidworks.  Is this true?




      I am also looking at a Lenovo W530 mobile workstation.  This is clearly a superior machine, but it is also costlier.  Also, it has slightly less GB of HDD, (500 vs 750).




      I have heard the terms 'rendering', 'simulation' and 'Realview'.  To what do these refer, and would both systems be able to do these? 

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          Jerry Steiger



          The Intel integrated graphics on the Asus machine will probably not work very well with SolidWorks. The K1000M on the Lenovo will, as shown on the SW graphics card requirements website < http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/videocardtesting.html >.


          Rendering is how you generate photo-realistic images from your models. It is mostly handled by the CPU and will usually use as many threads as you have available, so more cores will speed up the process. Simulation includes a number of different methods to use the compute to analyze your model. You can use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to understand the strength and deflections in your parts and assemblies and to understand the flow of heat through them. You can use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analyze the flow of fluids and the heat that they can carry away from your model. You can also do motion analysis of your models. These analysis toolls will typically use mutliple cores and often need a lot of RAM. The Lenovo might be OK, and I am guessing that the Asus may be a bit underpowered, but I'm no real expert on simulation.


          RealView is a way that SolidWorks uses your graphics card to show you something like a rendered image without going through the rendering process. The Lenovo supports RealView. This might be important if you are an Industrial Designer or need to show your models to people who are impressed by the look more than the content of your work.


          The Administration forum is the one that is supposed to focus on hardware questions, so I would move this question to there. The real experts can answer better than I can.


          Jerry S.