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Imported Step file fails to save

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on May 30, 2013
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I am working with SW2012 SP5,


I exported two files in STP format from PTC's Creo Elements, and imported them fine into SW2012.  However, when I try and save them as SolidWorks parts I get a failed to save error, but if I can save them out of SW as another format, like Parasolid, and reimport them and save them as SW files with no issues.


Just curious if others have seen this issue, and I have tried to save the SW files in a variety of locations with the same problem error.  I was able to get what I need but had not seen this is SW2010 which we used until this week (switched to SW2012 on Monday this week), maybe I should go back to SW2010 since I do this type of deal weekly



appreciate any thoughts,