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welding profile and area hatch\fill

Question asked by Oren Wein on May 30, 2013

Hi All.


I have two questions:


1. In our drawings we need to show the welding profile (see attached example), not like in soldedge, every time we need to create the welding profile (like fillet) we need to create the full contour to fill it (in soldedge it's enough just to add the cross line in the drawing view ) which means that solidworks doesn't recognize the part profile.

do we do something wrong???is there any other way to do it right???(I familiarwith the "end treatment" annotation) but I talking about other welding profile (like bevel and ect.)


2.we also need to do a detail view for our welding profile and the detail view (as you able to see in the attached example) doesn't show the welding profile which I created in the drawing view.

is it normal??? or also , we are doing something wrong???