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    problem when use Solidworks to search files

    Andy Kuang



      I have a problem when use Solidworks to search files.


      I can search from my “C” drive folders but not from the networks folders. I can add my networks folders in the Solidworks “Search Folders”.


      Any hints of ideas will be welcome.





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          Deepak Gupta

          Andy you said you can add the network folders then what error or issue you face while searching the files over network.

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              Andy Kuang

              Thanks Deepak,


              I cannot get ant search result from network folders when I rearch.


              Here is the search result. I copy this file "9841.2006-BEARING BLOCK-REV2" from my network folder to two different folders from my "C" drive.



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                  Walter Fetsch

                  I've dealt with this problem in the past and after much searching, have determined the following:


                  - Solidworks' search function utilizes Windows Desktop Search (WDS).

                  - WDS does not by default search network drives.

                  - It is possible to make it search network drives, but only if your fileserver is running Windows Server 2007 or newer.  It will not work if you have Windows Server 2003 or earlier.


                  If you need instructions for getting WDS to search network drives, search the SW forums.  The information is here.

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                      Andy Kuang

                      Thanks Walter,


                      I am running Windows 7 x64 bit, and I can search from the "Windows Explorer".


                      Any other suggesting?

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                          James Lee

                          It is necessary to run Windows® Desktop Search Indexing (right click on the Windows® Desktop Search icon in the system tray and select "Index now"). It is possible that the Indexing has not had a chance to complete. Also if a network location has just been added to "My Network Places" it is very likely that Indexing needs to be run on that directory.

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                              Andy Kuang

                              Thanks for all your answers.

                              Here is the outcome from our local Solidworks Support team Solidtec.





                              SolidWorks have confirmed the search issue and have referred the issue to the SolidWorks Development team with reference as Software Performance Report (SPR# 647808 - Files synced offline in Windows can be found with SolidWorks Search but cannot be opened).


                              As for the other issue of network location not being searched, SolidWorks have confirmed that this is a Windows Search limitation.  SolidWorks relies on Windows Search Index for SolidWorks search and Windows Search currently doesn't index network locations.  You can find this information on a lot of blogs and forums.  For example:





                              If you look at the Windows Indexing Options, you will see that it's not listed in the 'Included Locations'.  It's listed in the selected locations, because SolidWorks puts it in the registry.  However, if you hover the mouse over the network location, you can see that the location is not available.  So, the network location is not indexed. 


                              There was a Microsoft add-in for XP and Vista 32-bit versions, but it's not supported on x64 OS and Windows 7 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918996


                              A possible workaround is to search using Windows Explorer and then drag and drop the file from the search results into SolidWorks.  The search of network locations through Windows Explorer works because it doesn't use the indexed search.  It uses the new 'Instant Search' feature in Windows 7 and Vista.


                              The reference for this issue is (SPR 626114 - SolidWorks will not search network indexes on mapped drives where Windows search 4 will search network drives from explorer).


                              The SPR’s have been attached to the Service requests raised on your behalf by Solidtec; this case will now be closed and you will be notified when these issues have been resolved.