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    Ballooning Virtuale parts

    Jamie Lill

      Hi All,

      I am using SW2012 with SP5.


      (I just copied this so I ddi not have to type out everyting again)


      The technique I use for this is:


      Create the virtual parts in the assembly (glue, tape, etc) so that they show up in the BOM.


      In the drawing view you are ballooning, click any item to create a balloon. You will edit this balloon later.


      Once you have created enough balloons to represent your non-visible components, exit out of the balloon creation mode.


      Next click on one of those balloons to launch the Balloon Property Manager. Towards the bottom of the property manager is a section titled "Non-Visible Components". Select which of these the balloon should represent and its number should update and match that of the BOM. Perform this for each of the balloons. .


      After doing all this I still get a brown balloon with a question mark.?