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PDF Task – Combining files

Question asked by Craig Lalumiere on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Lee CS Young

Has anyone figured out a way to combine the PDF files to one file when executing the PDF task in EPDM? We have multiple sheets that go through the process, to be checked by another person. We like checking PDF’s because you do not need to have SolidWorks to check a file. This is key, mangers that are on the road to review and make comments on drawings. Combining them makes a checking packet of sub-assemblies and avoids the user the hassle and time of opening and saving each file individually and files getting missed. As of now we have EPDM create the PDF files and manually combine them to one file.


We would like to create the PDF’s then combine them all together. Has any else done this yet?