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Assembly Loading Error

Question asked by Tayte Askelsen on May 29, 2013



I am having issues with parts not loading in assemblies.  When the assembly loads the part, the file path is found, but the expansion plus sign next to the parts is not there and the part is not visible in the assembly.  I can get the parts to appear by telling the assembly to set all lightweight parts to resolved.  I have attached a picture to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. 


I have talked to our IT tech and it has not been resolved.  I have used SolidWorks at three different companies before this and have never had this issue.  The difference is two companies were using PDM, one was all local work off the hard drive, and this company tries to do everything off a network drive.


I pack and go'd one assembly to my computer and do not have issues with parts not loading. What would be a reason that this could happen?  Unloaded Assembly Tree 2.JPG