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    Cannot edit/delete/suppress Global Variables

    Lapo Lapo

      Hi all.

      I am a customer but I am registered as guest only because this copy has already been registered on the forum, but the guy who did it is not at work today, so I have got to manage it somehow.


      I work in this way:

      1) I use Link Values with certains dimensions.

      2) I am working with a derived part (Pack&Go) with less features than the original one, so I want to delete all the Linked Values I do not need anymore.

      3) I cannot figure how to do it as all Global Variables in the Equations Mangaer are greyed out and right-click->delete does not work.


      Here is the screenshot: http://imgur.com/FyjfxKr


      I already have read these threads but found nothing:







      I have read these Helps as well, and it just seems that I cannot follow the same steps because of this "greyed out/uneditable" thing:





      Reading this it seems that my problem is the use of Linked Values, but I cannot understand how I should work: