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Some feedback on My.SolidWorks

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on May 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2013 by Alessandro Tornincasa


I regularly visit online resources that are inherent to SolidWorks (Corporate Blogs, Indipendent Blogs, Youtube channels, Twitter, SolidWorks Homepage, SolidWorks forums, customer portal).

I'll summarize what I like of My.SolidWorks:

- It's very good that there's one single place to gather all sources of information, because currently, if you need to visit all the above mentioned sources it takes a lot of time and I usually don't have much of it)

- The idea of having a filter that will filter results on the basis of Cathegory, Area, and most of all sources is really good and helps you find wanted content very quickly

- For customers it will be very useful to quickly find solutions and SPR's for example

- it's quick and easy to use


What I didn't like and hope that will be improved someday:

- Content comes only from SolidWorks Blogs, but there are some very good resellers Blogs out there that share very high level content. You should add also trusted reseller Blogs content among the results

- there's an overload of SolidWorks tutorials and videos on Youtube. You should add videos to search results as well: a video is worth more than 1000 words

- the results from solidworks forums is not current. There are probably too many posts coming in everyday to keep current. I'm making an example: I write "reaction forces" in the search bar. How is it possible that there are no results coming from the solidworks forums ? There are hundreds of threads on SolidWorks Simulation reaction forces

- There's some excellent content in the solidworks forums that doesn't currently appear in the search results. I'm making some examples: SolidWorks support monthly, featured author content, blog posts, documents, one minute tech tips

- I would add another cathegory in the filters which is "product information". Say for instance I'm interested in SolidWorks Composer: I should get among the results product information, or demo library. Another example: I'm interested in SolidWorks certification, it would be nice to get a page summarizing what is solidworks certification and advantages

- finally, SolidWorks evey year publishes SolidWorks Proceedings. There's so much valuable content in there, you should add that one as well.


By the way, congratulations for the good idea, I hope it will get better and better in the future, because it can become a very valuable source and time saver that any customer will be willing to use.