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Select method of Range class failed error message

Question asked by Dan Hofstetter on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by David Anderson



I've been trying to customize a design table Excel file so that a user input form can be used to allow data entry that will update the cell values in the design table.  The User Input form is on a separate sheet in the Excel file.  I often get an error stating "Select method of Range class failed" when I attempt to save the SolidWorks part file after modifying the design table.  This always happens after the "Saving linked design table..." message appears.  I have no macros or code in this file.  I do have a few checkboxes that I use to change the suppressed state of features in the design table.  I can't figure out why this keeps crashing - can anyone offer any suggestions?  I have attached the simple Excel file for reference.  I am running SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0, MS Office 2010, and Windows 7 x64.