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    Knit Tolerance?

    James Pare

      Anyone have any idea how to change the default knit tolerance

      I wish I could turn it off completely, but I would be happy if I could set it higher

      It's got to buried some where in the reg files

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          Hi James,


          If you want to turn it off completely - then use uncheck "Gap Tolerance."  If you want use to change the "default" gap tolerance, then you use "Gap Tolerance" and move both sliders to set the range you want.



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              James Pare

              Mark, you have totally missed the point,

              What you mentioned is what I already do 100 times a week

              That is the issues, If I could set the default tolerance larger then I would need to always adjust the setting every single time I want to knit a surface together.

              Overall, it is very common to knit urfaces froma gap of .100 or smaller

              Where did the .025  come from?

              That's only a .001" gap

              The tool can knit gaps much larger then this

              Also, whit the gap tolerance checked, it automaticaly slows down the command while SWX investigates all edges of the surface you are knitting to report back on the gaps

              It 99% of the cases, I really don't care what the gap is, I just want the knit feature to sew the 2 surfaces together

              This option box requires additional work that is not needed

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                Kevin Pymm



                I think what James means is that when he un-checks "Gap Control" he wants it to stay un-checked until he decides otherwise. Or if that's not possible then be able to alter the "Gap Control" values to his needs & stay like that. As far as I can tell both the check box & the values revert to the same state on each use i.e. Checked & values of 0.0025mm & 0.1mm.

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                I checked with some of my colleagues and it looks like there solution for  this coming in 2014. So make sure you sign up for beta and try this out. Apparently this is something that Don Van Zile pickup up on as a result of his "Pet Peeves" post. Good catch Don!