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Looking for a "rope" or "chain" mate for a rodent/rat save chook laying box

Question asked by Gabi Glaezer on May 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by Gabi Glaezer

Hello everyone,

my brother in law has chooks and rats who eat the chookfood so he asked me and my husband if we can build him a rodent/rat save chook feeder.


I did some reseach on the internet for a plan and found one and thought why not design this Unit in solidworks first and see how and if it works

and get a drawing for my hubby so he can make it.

Loving Solidworks, this is what I did and it is attached here if anyone has a need for it.


We build one and cut the pieces for a second one but here in Perth/Australia we have a problem finding the sleves and bolts for the mechanics.

So what I thought we could do with the 2 nd box is use a hinge to attach the "feeder lid" to the box and have a rope from the outer tip of the box

going to the top and along the side to the back bottom and hook onto the treader.

As soon as the chooks tread on the treader board, the lever goes up and lifts the rope which then opens the lid.

I think there would be less mechanic and I would like to simulate this in solidworks to see if it works.


Is there a mate I can use or has someone an idea on how to do this?