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Sketching continuously through different planes?

Question asked by Amanda Brimm on May 23, 2013
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Hello- my name's Amanda, and I'm just learning to use SolidWorks and trying to do something that's way above my skill level here. I've attached a file that I created for a product we sell, called a warping board. You use the board to wrap your yarn around in preparation for putting it onto a loom to weave. I'm trying to create a user's manual for how to use one of these things and so I decided to create images using SolidWorks. At our company, we've only ever used this program to create drawings, but I thought, "Hey why not use it for user's manuals as well?"


Anyway, what I'm trying to do is somehow get pictures that show the path that the yarn needs to be wound onto the board. Specifically, it is confusing to new users how exactly the yarn crosses at the top and bottom of the board. We were able to do a sketch that showed how to get through the first round, but weren't able to get it to continuously go to the next plane and follow a different path, etc. There are not any good warping board instructions or videos that I can find to show how a warping board is used and what I'm trying to do with the "yarn" in SolidWorks, but here are two links that should hopefully help to show what I'm trying to do:


So if that's clear as mud, does anyone have some advice as to how this can be done? Making a solidworks animation would be awesome, but I really just need to have static images that show customers the path that the yarn needs to follow for say... 5 or so successive rounds of winding the yarn.


Thanks in advance!