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    Migrating Solid Edge Files into EPDM

    Bill Stadler

      We are going to be migrating one of our divisions into our EPDM Vault.  They are doing all new design in SW in our vault but modify their legacy designs that are in Solid Edge out on a network drive in Italy.  Does any one else have Solid Edge files in EPDM?   If so could you share your experience good and or bad?  Does Solid Edge and EPDM play nice?  If you migrated the files in were there any "gotchyas" during or after the migration?  Our VAR will be doing the actual migration...


      One of things I am not real clear on is the .cfg files.  The Solid Edge users say that we do not have to worry about the cfg files when we bring the Solid Edge files in, which makes no sense to me.


      Another thing that was brought to my attention is that there is a “lnkmgt.txt” file to update the root directory to the new EPDM vault location and to maintain the reference relationships this file will need to be used on all clients running Solid Edge.


      Bill Stadler


      SolidWorks 2012 SP5

      EPDM SP4

      Just under 3 million files (SW, ACAD, DOC, XLS, PDF, etc) in EPDM

      Replicate to 4 locations (USA, Italy, UK, India)