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Link Custom Properties (Part-Assembly-Drawing)

Question asked by James Gannatal on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by Bruno Migali

Is there a way to link a custom property from a component in an assembly to either a custom property on a drawing or a note in the sheet format layer?


I am trying to pull a custom property from a component into an assembly drawing . I know I can link a value to a text box by first linking it to the component and selecting the component property and then modify the leader but my ultimate goal is to add a note linked to the custom component property on the sheet format layer.  Or should I just resolve to using a custom layer for linking properties?


Is there a special link formula similar to linking dimensional information (D1@Sketch1@Part1.SLDPRT") that will link to a custom property of the component specified?

Example: $PRP:"CustomProperty"@Part.SLDPRT or something like this


Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated