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    Link Custom Properties (Part-Assembly-Drawing)

    James Gannatal

      Is there a way to link a custom property from a component in an assembly to either a custom property on a drawing or a note in the sheet format layer?


      I am trying to pull a custom property from a component into an assembly drawing . I know I can link a value to a text box by first linking it to the component and selecting the component property and then modify the leader but my ultimate goal is to add a note linked to the custom component property on the sheet format layer.  Or should I just resolve to using a custom layer for linking properties?


      Is there a special link formula similar to linking dimensional information (D1@Sketch1@Part1.SLDPRT") that will link to a custom property of the component specified?

      Example: $PRP:"CustomProperty"@Part.SLDPRT or something like this


      Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated



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          Brennan Sheremeto

          Sorry I dont have an answer for you, but I do have the same problem and am also looking for info on how to do this.

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            Matthew Lorono

            Check up help for $PRPSHEET.  This allows you to pull part and assembly custom property values into your drawing.  Also look up Title Block in sheet format.  Once a title block is set up on your sheet format, the value can be edited from the drawing and pushed back to the model.

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              Matt Nichols

              So, if you are wanting to link a custom property from a part or assembly into a drawing file; you must create a drawing template that has been linked to those custom properties in a part or an assembly.


              so, take one of the parts that you already have the custom properties in, and place a view of that part on a new drawing file.  then edit the title block (if that is where you are wanting to link the properties to).  and then follow the pics below.


              double pick on the line of text that you are wanting to link to a property.  Then pick the "Link to Property" button.



              Once in the link to property dialog box follow the image below;



              Lastly, save that drawing file out as a template file and it will always link to the custom properties once a part file view is added to the drawing.  This same technique works for making drawings of assemblies as well.


              Let me know if that is what you were wanting or not.

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                  Brennan Sheremeto

                  not quite it, that is all easy to do the problem is if you have a part with custom property "something" and you insert it into your assembly I(and the OP) can't figure out how to reference that custom property "something" in the drawing of that assembly. I assumed I could since when I insert a part into a part I can (so long as I check the custom properties box)


                  in my case I had a macro writing my custom property and just configured it to also write to the assembly files as well, but that only works because all my drawings are static and outside of my regular file structure, if it was something in my regular files id be SOL

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                      Matt Nichols

                      So, I just want to make sure that i am getting this right.  You are creating an assembly drawing from a given assembly; and then creating sheets for each part within that assembly drawing (is this correct?).

                      if this is the case...try opening up your template file for a part drawing and saving out the sheet format as "part-format"; and then in your assembly drawing create a new sheet, delete the given sheet format and then right click on the sheet in the browser bar and go to the properties of the sheet.  change the standard sheet size to your sheet format for the part and that should carry over the defined titleblock that already has the custom parameters built in.

                      In theory this should work...let me know if this works for you.