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Invalid Surface - Boundary Surface

Question asked by Trevor Faxon on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on May 25, 2013 by Matthew Perez

Hello Solidworks Community,


I am having an issue with a boundary surface.  It is 1-directional, and extends from the edge of a solid(3D curve) to the edge of a surface(straight line), with tangency conditions for both.  The Surface apears to generate fine, and looks the way I intended it.


However, Only one side of the surface is selectable, I cannot select the middle and other side via mouseclick.  when I click the feature in the design tree it selects everything.   Tools>Check yields two "invalid surface" errors and points to the boundary along the edge of the solid above the sections that are "unselectable"


I need to eventually knit, trim. and thicken these surfaces, and cannot do any of these actions currently.  Any thoughts?  I'm brand new to surfacing and teaching myself,  I may be missing something basic here.