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Colors in asm vs component

Question asked by Sid Humphreys on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on May 25, 2013 by John Sutherland

Good morning all,


I am thoroughly confused with this color/appearance scheme of SW here.  I have a part that is a decal.  This decal is assembled into a higher level assembly.  At the component level of the decal I have some sketched areas that I raised .005 so that I would have a face that I could color.  I picked on the appearance button on the toolbar, selected the face button, chose the appropriate faces, chose the color(green), and I got exactly what I want.  I now have some raised green colored faces on a gray background decal.  By the way, the gray color is just the default color SW gives me for an extrusion.  I did not make or choose this color.  It just so happens that that gray color is the same color we wanted for our decal background anyway so that worked out.  I now have at the decal level a gray decal with some raised graphic green faces.  Perfect.


I then go over to the assembly where this decal is applied so I can see what it looks like on our product.  My decal is now white with no green faces where I applied them.  Why SW is changing an appearance of a part when it is in an assembly is beyond me.  So I start looking around.  What is the difference between "apply at the component level" and "apply at a document level"?  This is so frustrating spending this much time on something like this instead of working the design.  This "appearance stuff" does not in any way act user friendly or self intuitive.  I am exhausted already with this graphic crap of SW and I have only been here an hour today.  Sorry guys.  I have a ton of modeling to get done today with some drawings also, and I am playing with colors and I am thinking this should be a slam dunk and I'm on my way.


Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.  I just want in the assembly as far as color/appearance what I have in the part.  I do not want it to change.


Thanks and have a nice morning.