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    Using 2011 eDrawings EModelViewControl triggers in Microsoft Access

    Todd Bowerman

      I have an eDrawings 2011 ActiveX control on a form in Microsoft Access 2010.  I have no issues with previewing files in the control, I can print a file one at a time, but my end goal is to be able to batch print files using this control.  I am having issues trying to use the triggers (OnFinishedLoadingDocument, OnFinishedPrintingDocument, etc) to listen so that I can wait to print additional files after the previous one is finished loading/printing.  How do I go about listening for these triggers in VBA?


      Example of how I was attempting this:


      Private Sub EModelViewControl7_OnFinishedLoadingDocument(ByVal FileName As String)


         MsgBox FileName & " is finished loading."


      End Sub


      After loading documents into the control, this subroutine is not hit as it's not recognizing this OnFinishedLoadingDocument trigger.  I assume I am not using this in the correct manner, so any information on how to use it correctly would be appreciated.


      Additional info from loading the form, I receive an error message popup stating:


           "The expression OnFinishedLoadingDocument you entered as the event property setting produced the following error:  There was an error loading an ActiveX control on one of your forms or reports."