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Heiracrhy Control from  Single Design Table

Question asked by James Biggs on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by Adam Green

So I got past the initial phases of building the sub assembly design table. I now have property mannagers correclty set up that let me configure my sub assemblies howerver I like with drop down menus.


SO, now I need to combine these 3 sub assemblies, into one top level assembly. At that point I need a design table that will "master" the tables for the sub assemblies.


Currently I can "create new assembly" ...pick which sub assembly i want, and as I put them in the Top assy, I can select the induvidual parts manually via the menus.  I  want to automate this even further.  I want to be able to select , green, 7inch piston with 3 inch rod, and ceramic coating ....instead of a string of part numbers.  after the MAIN  selections are made, (ie exactly which sub assemblies to use)  then i dont mind more specifically selecting parts.


(im almost wondering if i should just put all this in one assembly)


basically, what the problem is, is that the 2 of the sub assemblies I have created, have many more different configurations, and they are based in other files. Think, 5 inch pistons in  1 solidworks part file, and 6 inch pistons in another, and 7 inch in yet another..


So now i need to be able to tell this top assembly, (based strictly on a part number or item type) which file to use, which configuration inside that file to use, and how to mate it to the top level assembly. 


And at this point, im completely lost. HAHA.




Im wondering if this is something I should use driveworks for. (Ive never used it) if anyone has the time to help I would certainly appreciate it.