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Dimensions Between Parts in an Assembly

Question asked by Paul Martin on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Warning Novice at Work.....


Attached are two parts and an assembly in which I am trying to put the two parts together,


Side Outer is a long plank of 4mm thick plywood

Side Spacer is a 100mm Square of 4mm thick plywood


In the assembly I have set mates to mate the faces of the wood that touch and the bottom edge which is all as I wanted it to be.


The problem I am having is that I want the left hand edge of the side spacer inset from the end of the side outer by 4mm (specifically - by 1 x Material Thickness) but I am clearly doing something wrong with the dimensioning as I can get an dumb dimension that says how far it is from the edge but not a smart one that sets it to the distance I want.


Assemblies is new territory for me so I would be grateful for a few clues.



Secondary Question (whilst I am at it)

Once I have the spacer in the right place what is the best way of projecting the holes and slots in the spacer through the outer?


Thanks in anticipation


Paul Martin