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Build an Assembly with DT or Property Manager

Question asked by James Biggs on May 21, 2013
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We have assemblies that have hundreds of different variables.    Basically, each part of the assembly has multiple configurations. These configurations are identicle with this exception on color/decals.


Is there a way to set a design table and a property manager so that I can simply select the color and it will automatically reference the correct configuration?




Also, we do have 1 part that physically changes. (an internal bore dimension)  and each one of these parts are currently in a sub-assembly, with their "size specific" parts.


Id also like to set it up so that when I select the proper size main part, it automatically inserts and references all the other parts for that size. Then of course it will make correctly, and show on teh bom



This would cut my time down from about 1.5 hours per model to 10 minutes, so I really need to make it happen, and I have been given the time to do it. Your time and help is greatly appreciated.